Quality Policy

POLIMERPROM LLC specializes in production of thread protectors and connecting couplings for casing and lifting pipes. The top management of POLIMERPROM LLC took a decision to develop and implement a modern Quality Management System based on the requirements of the International ISO 9001 Standard and to conform to the following principles:

  • Be customer-oriented, understand their needs and meet their requirements and also strive to surpass their expectations. Have individual approach to every customer. The Company’s top management and all its employees shall ensure unity of purposes and trends in their activities. Maintain process approach to the Company management and resources. Increase effectiveness of the Quality Management System at the expense of a consecutive implementation of the process approach.
  • Continuous improvement of quality indices is the main target of POLIMERPROM LLC.
  • Maintain systematic approach to process management which allows coordination of all spheres of the Company activities.
  • Take decisions on the basis of multilateral data analysis and results of home and external audits, analysis performed by the Company management and on information from customers.
  • Maintain mutually beneficial relations both with suppliers and customers.
  • Introduce modern technological equipment with the use of advanced technologies; arrange and carry out training and increase employees’ interest in providing the required quality level.

The Director General bears a general responsibility for the Quality Policy. Deputy Director General for Quality is a Representative of the Top Management who has specific obligations and powers within the Quality Management System. Follow the Policy is an obligation of all managers and personnel within the framework of their collective and personal responsibilities.

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