Our History

POLIMERPROM Limited Liability Company was established in Taganrog in 2003. The main trend in the Company activity is manufacture of polymer products, namely of thread protectors for casing, lifting and drill pipes and of protection elements for pipelines.

At the beginning of the protector production the Company was equipped with two types of equipment – time-proved German KYASI injection-molding machines that had been in operation for more than 20 years and with domestic injection-molding machines produced by Khmelnitsky plant.

Since 2005 Polimerprom LLC has been engaged in development and commercial production of thread protectors for casing, lifting and drill pipes and of protection elements for pipelines and for large diameter pipes.

Since 2007 the Company has been engaged in serial production of thread protectors for oil OCTG pipes with leak-proof premium class connections, such as ТМК GF, ТМК FMC, ТМК-1, etc. Besides, the Company has been producing thread protectors for drill pipe joints of all dimension types both with ordinary joint thread and with high-torque threads.

In 2010 POLIMERPROM LLC commenced technical re-equipment of its facilities. Instead of out-dated equipment we bought modern energy-efficient Borshe injection-molding machines with Siemens servomotors.

At present the Company has qualified personnel and owns a stock of modern and efficient foreign-made and domestic equipment which allows carrying out full-scale serial production including design and engineering works and manufacturing tooling (molds) together with leading machine-building enterprises. Nowadays the Company produces protectors and protections parts specially developed for pipes of PSL-1, PSL-2 and PSL-3 quality levels and maintains a Certificate of Conformity to GOST R. The Company is included in the STO Standard of Gazprom.

Manufacture of polymer parts on the modern injection-molding machines allows manufacturing parts of any category of complexity, which weigh up to 2.8 kg. Painting of products is made by way of electrostatic and tribostatic spraying which is ecologically safe. Protectors and plugs are made in three majour colours – red, blue and black. Colours are always selected at customers’ option.

The equipment which is used for manufacture of the protectors corresponds to modern technical development. The use of NC machines allows universalize manufacture of blanks and ensure cutting of precision threads of a required profile. The Company has developed and implemented the modern ISO 9001- 2008 Quality Management System. Quality of the manufactured products corresponds to the requirements of API Spec .SCT/ISO 11960 standards and has been confirmed by a Certificate issued by SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance).

Our quality policy is the basis for the Company operation and is a must for the Company management and all its employees. Main principles in the quality policy are as follows: be consumer-oriented, understand customers’ needs and tasks; do your best to surpass customers’ expectations. It also includes continuous productivity enhancement through the use of a process approach to the production management as well as a systematic approach and control of all production processes.

In fact, the Company is the only enterprise in Russian market of protection elements whose Quality Management System corresponds to requirements of the International ISO 9001- 2008 standard. All manufactured products are original developments, which are protected by international patents. According to audit results, POLIMERPROM LLC was included into the Register of Supplier approved enterprises of TMC Group of Companies as the main supplier of thread protectors and associated products.

Thanks to cooperation with Polimerprom LLC, the TMC Group of Companies has been ensuring maximum protection of their products. In summer of 2012 representatives of American Division of TMC-TMC –IPSCO visited the Company. According to results of the said visit a pilot lot of the products was shipped overseas.

In 2012 a pilot lot of protective parts which had been manufactured in TMC corporate style for assembly of casing pipes of 168 mm diameter with threaded connections was tested at IPSCO USA facilities and the first lot of products was shipped to the USA. Same year the Company arranged production of textile slings which allowed the TMC Group Companies get a full set of packaging accessories from one and the same supplier and of a uniform quality level.

In 2013 Polimerprom LLC broadened variety of its products for gas and oil industry. Apart from traditionally manufactured protection parts for oil pipes which were appreciated by customers in Russia, Kazakhstan and non-CIS countries (USA and Oman), the Company arranged production of couplings for casing and lifting pipes. A method of thermodiffusion zinc coating of couplings was developed and patented by Polimerprom LLC. The authors of the invention were Gennady Borodin, Director General of Polimerprom LLC, Dmitry Dobrynin, Technical Director of Polimerprom Trade House LLC and Dmitry Dimarov, Chief Engineer of Polimerprom LLC. Besides, the Company intends to start production of a composite material based on polyethylene. This material is used for manufacture of end products. With that purpose we are building a new workshop.

At present the Company has about 50% share in the domestic market and is not going to get satisfied at what it has already achieved. We are ready to continue our well-balanced growth and to develop together with growing needs of our customers. POLIMERPROM LLC meets the needs of not only Russian pipe manufacturers but it also provides services to such large companies as Rosneft, Salim Petroleum Development, Shlumberger Service Company and large machine-building companies such as Uralmash and Corvet.

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